Sea Ice: Normal

It is important to not be only reactive, only looking at what ‘the other side’ hollers about, only saying “but but but!!!”

Sometimes you need to point out when they have stopped talking about an area, as it puts the lie to their narrative or points out prior absurdities. Even it all you do is say: “LOOK! Nothing is happening!!!”

Right now, that’s sea ice.

I’ve picked a couple of representative charts from the WUWT Sea Ice Page, but there are many more there with similar stories. In particular, the 30% Sea Ice has this year basically on top of the others.

So rather than reproduce them all here, I’m just going to stick in a couple of representative samples.


Global Sea Ice from 31 March 2012

You will want to click on it to get a very large version, then look at the red line at the bottom. Note that at the very end, just a tiny bit of is is ‘above zero’. We have a positive anomaly. Too much ice 😉

The sea ice that went away during the peak of our just ended Grand Solar Maximum has already reformed back to normal, plus a tiny bit. As the sun is presently near the maximum of it’s new, more sedate, cycle, for the next several years we’re headed to even colder, and even more ice.


Sea Ice Arctic recent 2 years 31 March 2012

Here we see that the red line at the bottom is imperceptibly below the zero line. -0.23 anomaly. So close to zero as to be irrelevant. Yet it is below zero. Now look up at the ice lines. Oh, they are converging… Now look back to the start of the graph, two years ago. Zero anomaly.

So that’s two years from normal to normal. Yes, a small dip in the middle, but weather is like that. Especially at times of a grand solar maximum.


Sea Ice in the Arctic 31 March 2012

Finally, we have a close up. Here we can see the tiny bit by which present sea ice is below the average. We can also see that they are converging fast. The present is is not leaving while historically it did. I’d guess that about mid April we’ll have a convergence. It would take some very odd winds or a heck of a heat wave to stop it.

In Conclusion

NOTHING is happening to Sea Ice. It is entirely un-interesting and without any kind of story to tell at all. And THAT needs a bit of a celebration, IMHO.

Overall, the globe has a tiny bit of excess, but close enough to ‘normal’ for there to be no reason to fret about cold (yet…).

The Antarctic is accumulating ice (sea ice in particular) to a bit of excess. Voyages around the south pole may be a bit more difficult than in recent years, but nothing too bad. The Arctic is so close to normal too that you need a magnified image to see it clearly. Yes, the minimum mid summer will likely still be a tiny bit low (it takes a few years to build up old tough ice, but we are building it up.) So again, nothing at all to worry about. Unless you want to take a boat into the Arctic, then you need to watch out for ice.

Should any Warmista try to bother you about the warmth in North America (in particular in the USA), just say it must be because so many talking heads are at the UN… and ask politely about the Sea Ice… Perhaps saying something like: “Well, the Antarctic is over normal ice, and the Arctic is almost exactly normal, but the ice is forming so fast… Think we’ll have another ice age?” Then take a long slow drink of the beverage to hand while they sputter…

So what is the “negative space” of what the Global Warming Panic is talking about now? I’d say “sea ice extent”. Nothing is happening… so probably a good time to remind them.


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