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Lake Vostok under almost 4000 meters of ice in Antarctica. Source: US Government.

Someone forgot to tell the Russians that natural climate factors no longer count for anything, and that from the 20th century on man-made CO2 is the sole driver of the climate – now making the Earth only warmer and warmer.

The German edition of Russian online daily Ria Novosti here writes how a team of Russian scientists in Antarctica has reached Lake Vostok, isolated from the rest of the world by a massive ice sheet for over 15 million years. A team of Russian scientists bored through 4000 meters of ice to reach the lake on 5 February 2012.

Minister President Vladimir Putin congratulated the researchers on their feat last Friday. Project leader Vladimir Lipenkov said that it will be very important for studying climate change on Earth. The Russian team plans to drop a robot into the lake to collect water samples and sediments from the bottom. According to Ria Novosti:

A new ice age is unavoidable, but will occur in 10,000 years at the earliest. This is what Vladimir Lipenkov, member of the Russian expedition said concerning the millions of years old Vostok Antarctic lake on Friday during a meeting with Minister President Vladimir Putin and the research team.”

Why the statements are not published in the English edition of Ria Novosti, let alone the western mainstream media, is unknown. And the report provides no information on what they base the timing of the new ice age on.

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