Trees do 8 times better in the New York City Urban Heat Island

The above title is from WUWT.   I had discussions with one of the commentators. I collect my own content here:

Please note that there are different kinds of plants on the planet. Some of these plants are suitable for growing in the tropics. Plants in cold regions of Siberia can not be found in Africa.
So we can not absolutely say “warmer is better.” Within the past few years a significant number of people in Europe died due to hot weather of summer. So these people can not survive in Africa. Why should we make an easy subject to do so absolute. You know, not only our theories do not make the least change in biological organisms, but we’re (or any other unwanted conditions beyond our abilities) causing them to disappear quickly. The experience referred to in this article is worthwhile, but we can not conclude that all plants are ready to march for the warmer environment. This is pure fallacy.
Heat wave in Europe caused some elderly French died.
Global warming is a hot issue these days. But my intention was not focused on this case.
You know that millions of species exist on Earth. Their nature is consistent with the facts of a particular environment. Let me tell you something very intimate. I can not say to my grandmother, for example, palm tree grows in Alaska. She will probably call me crazy. I am not able to explain this more clearly. 1 or 2 degrees Celsius change in temperature can cause a lot of living species on Earth disappear. I am not speaking of the causes of global warming and or the governments policies. It seems these days that there is global cooling, and so on.
I emphasize again that we should not deny the nature of plants and other organisms.
Heat tends to be more or generalization of the results to all living creatures, regardless of their nature, is a fallacy and not related to the nature of creatures.
But here one thing remains. If the weather tends to cool down, after about 390 ppm carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the plants should be in good condition. They must be stout.
This compatibility condition is very unlikely.
This is another response to a good friend from Southern California.

“European heatwaves ‘have doubled’
By Paul Rincon
Science reporter, BBC News
The authors of the research also discovered that the frequency of extremely hot days has nearly tripled in the past century. ”
“The heatwave experienced by Europe in 2003 had major adverse socio-economic and environmental effects. Thousands of elderly people died. Forests were devastated by fire, water ecosystems were strained, and the total mass of Alpine glaciers shrank by 10%. ”
Yes, the heat wave has caused deaths.
Now we go back to the original topic; The Earth has a wide range of different climates. In other words, climate varies with latitude and longitude. Likewise with environmental conditions, there are a wide variety of species. The species do not necessarily resemble each other.
Surely a more appropriate heat causes plants to grow better. There is no doubt in this regard. But these classifications do not mean that plants belonging to the coldest areas, can also grow in tropical regions, or vice versa. Thus, here we mean to imply that only “somewhat” more heat “, but, ” limited”. Animals do not follow this rule. Plants and organisms can not live in all conditions and climates. Otherwise, our concern about global warming phenomenon is in principle “ruled out”.
In conventional terms, but limited, the author of this article can be correct. But as a general principle or rule is not relevant.
This title refers to the quantity that is unclear on what basis it has been measured. 8 times on what basis? Profile-based plant was determined by the laboratory of botany? Man can not make such statements in the first instance to assess.
This title is similar to the slogan.
This is another response to a good friend from Southern California.

To confirm the occurrence of heat waves in Chicago in 1995, please refer to the following link:
There is no doubt that heat waves or cold waves in normal circumstances should be considered as accident. Now we know that solar activity is more important than the effects of human activities on Earth. But we also know that we only have one earth and no more.You do not need to be very skeptical about the events of recent years, heat exhaustion and heat waves. These incidents still occur again in the future. You have confirmed its occurrence in the past. Basically we have a fundamental problem to resolve.
I recommend that you watch the video.
Senate Committee on questions of the scientists was not a simple event. Scientists attended the meeting for the testimony. Put yourself in front of the Senate Committee.
Your answers to the question is very decisive and dramatic. You can imagine the weight of this responsibility.
The United States takes decisions in the future, which leads to an important definition of a global trend. So somehow as a scientist you’re in charge of all the nations.
Dr. Happer could not tell the gist. He was not at all prepared.


Precip- || Snow Snow
itation High Low Mean Degree Fall Depth Observe
Year Mo Dy (in) (F) (F) (F) Days (in) (in) Time Source
1995 07 01 0.00 77 60 69 4 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 02 0.00 78 57 68 3 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 03 0.00 83 63 73 8 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 04 0.28 86 69 78 13 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 05 0.09 87 67 77 12 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 06 0.00 81 69 75 10 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 07 0.00 81 63 72 7 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 08 0.00 84 60 72 7 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 09 0.04 85 66 76 11 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 10 0.00 90 64 77 12 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 11 0.00 90 73 82 17 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 12 0.00 98 76 87 22 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 13 0.00 106 81 94 29 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 14 0.00 102 84 93 28 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 15 0.47 99 77 88 23 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 16 0.00 94 76 85 20 0.0 0 MID F
1995 07 17 0.00 89 73 81 16 0.0 0 MID F

Should we take the records as “heat waves”?
Chicago people don’t bear heat. They live in Northern part of America. They are well prepared for their own climate.

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