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The Green Revolution and How it Will Affect Us

Wisdumb For Life

With the Green Revolution gaining steam as we come out of this large recession, there are many entrepreneurial ideas out there that can have a great impact on our fight against global climate change acceleration; I say climate change acceleration because our additional carbon emission (on top of Earth’s natural CO2 emission via volcanoes, forest fires, permafrost/glacier/ice cap melting, etc.) into the atmosphere has caused a reciprocal acceleration in the global warming process. As evidenced recently, we are experiencing more extreme weather, and are well overdue for a global climate change. The movie, The Day After Tomorrow, got it somewhat right with their themes of inclement weather and radical climate change – however, this process should not happen nearly as fast fast as the film represented, as the Earth – in case you haven’t noticed – is blessed to be a very resilient planet. This is largely due to…

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Climate: Scientists find weak spot in West Antarctic ice sheet

Summit County Citizens Voice

Sub-glacial basin seen as potential trigger for ice shelf collapse

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Ice-penetrating radar has hlep scientists discover a mile-deep sub-glacial basin beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet near the Weddell Sea. The location, shape and texture of the basin — about the size of New Jersey — suggest that this region of the ice sheet is at a greater risk of collapse than previously thought.

“If we were to invent a set of conditions conducive to retreat of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, this would be it,” said Don Blankenship, senior research scientist at The University of Texas at Austin’s Institute for Geophysics and co-author on the new paper.

“With its smooth bed that slopes steeply toward the interior, we could find no other region in West Antarctica more poised for change than this newly discovered basin at the head of the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf…

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CLIMATE: Global April temperature report


RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – The preliminary data for the April 2012 global temperature report is out from the scientists tracking the trend at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. According to their satellite data, the global climate temperature trend in the lower troposphere since Nov. 16, 1978 is +0.13 C per decade.

Their conclusions for April 2012 in the lower troposphere include:
Global composite temp.: +0.30 C (about 0.54 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for April. This is the fifth warmest April in the 33-year satellite climate record.
Northern Hemisphere: +0.41 C (about 0.74 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for April.
Southern Hemisphere: +0.18 C (about 0.32 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for April.
Tropics: -0.12 C (about 0.22 degrees Fahrenheit) below 30-year average for April.

Here are some of the highlights from around the globe:

March temperatures (revised):
Global Composite: +0.11 C above 30-year average
Northern Hemisphere: +0.13 C…

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‘Low’ expectations from new round of climate talks

Prince Charles and the Weather…

Joyanna Adams

Nobody Cares

If you did not catch this…it’s delightful! I think that Prince Charles has found his true vocation…I say that with joy, unless of course he sees this himself and decides to one-up on Al Gore’s global warming movie and decide to make one himself. We all KNOW what that would be like. The world according to Charles is going to end in four years.

Anyway…anyone out there can tell me what a bank holiday is?

Don’t they have enough holidays?

Must get boring being a Prince.

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The rise of the urban energy farmer

Guardian – A new global middle class with common consumption patterns is emerging. This new middle class wants to be part of and be more active in a sustainable society. Consumers feel empowered when it comes to the environment and are taking action in their daily lives to reduce consumption and waste, according to a survey by the National Geographic Society and GlobeScan, a research consultancy based in Toronto. As major opportunities in the energy sector are developed at local, residential and regional levels, commitment from local communities will follow…. Read More

Source and Photo: Guardian, April 16th, 2012
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Economy-CO2 link reveals GDP weakness

Simple Climate

Researchers have confirmed a relationship that is making climate change tough to fight: economic growth and atmospheric CO2 concentrations have been tightly linked for the past 50 years. That’s what the University of Michigan‘s Edward Ionides and co-workers found by looking at levels of the greenhouse gas and gross domestic product (GDP), an important measure of countries’ financial performance, at a worldwide level. “GDP growth is like a proxy for CO2 concentration growth,” Edward told Simple Climate. “Under business-as-usual conditions, these two quantities are measuring essentially the same thing. This highlights a problem with using GDP as a measure of progress.”

Until now, much research on the link between CO2 and economic growth has looked at figures for each country. Some think using each country’s CO2 emissions separately “should be more informative”, Edward said. But there are problems with recording emissions accurately, plus goods or services…

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More garbage from the Climate Sceptics Party

Newsbytes: Germany Faces Green Energy Crisis

Watts Up With That?

From Dr. Benny Peiser at The GWPF

Network Agency Calls For Suspension Of Emission Laws For Old Coal Plants
Last winter, on several occasions, Germany escaped only just large-scale power outages. Next winter the risk of large blackouts is even greater. The culprit for the looming crisis is the single most important instrument of German energy policy: the “Renewable Energy Law.” The economic cost of a wide-scale blackout are measured in billions of Euros per day. The most important test of energy policy is now the stability of power – so far only the cost of the green energy transition has been focused upon. Because the federal government does not have the guts to start an overdue and fundamental debate about the usefulness of a 12-year-old, now totally outdated, “launch aid” called EEG, it now threatens to over-steer, with the green energy transition ending up in a crash. Fasten your…

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Hybrid car owners cite price, technology in refusing to buy again


For a surprising number of U.S. hybrid car owners, the experience is one and done.
According to recent analysis by Polk Automotive, last year just 35 percent chose to buy another hybrid when it came time for a new car. Loyalty dropped even more, to about 33 percent, in eco-conscious cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland.
Despite a desire to help the environment, lighten fuel bills or reduce dependence on foreign oil, hybrid owners’ decision to buy a second one comes down to dollars and cents.
“There are a lot of gasoline-powered vehicles out there that are much more fuel efficient, and cost thousands of dollars less than their hybrid counterparts,” says Lacey Plache, chief economist with Edmunds.com.
Industry expert and UC Berkeley Prof. Harley Shaiken says the payback period for a hybrid often exceeds 6 years– the average time car owners hold on to their vehicle.

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Is Tar Sands the Right Choice?

Student Commentary

Tar sands is a type of unconventional fossil fuel found in large amounts in Canada, Kazakhstan and Russia. It is basically a mixture of sand and bituminous oil .Tar sands has been hailed as the alternative to the fossil fuel from the politically unstable Middle Eastern countries. Subsequently, the United States has been pushing hard to construct a pipeline from Alberta Canada to the coast of the Mexican Gulf to process tar sands oil for domestic consumption. In an age when scientists are warning of the fossil-fuel-driven climate change, should the global community opt to use tar sands for energy security?

Tar sands is definitely a very attractive source of energy since the world is hungry for energy. Energy is needed for national development, particularly in developing countries such as China, India and Brazil. There are large deposits of tar sands globally and the world should tap on this form…

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Global Warming – Argument into Action

Global warming: Interim climate talks start in Bonn

Summit County Citizens Voice

Tough path ahead to implement Durban agreements

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Global warming will once again take the center of the world political stage this week, with interim climate talks in Bonn, Germany, aimed at trying to nail down a few more details on agreements reached in principal at last December’s COP 17 in Durban.

The South African sessions ended with all countries, including China and India, agreeing that worldwide carbon reductions are needed. The hard part is how to get there. That’s what delegates will be discussing in Bonn this week.

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Global warming: Oceans’ coldest water is vanishing

Summit County Citizens Voice

Oceanographers measure dramatic changes around Antarctica

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — A vast pool of very cold water at the bottom of the Southern Ocean is shrinking at a surprisingly fast rate, according to oceanographers with NOAA and the University of Washington, who studied records going back several decades to track the changes.

By analyzing thousands of measurements, the researchers determined that the so-called Antarctic Bottom Water is disappearing at an average rate of about eight million metric tons per second over the past few decades, equal to about fifty times the average flow of the Mississippi River or about a quarter of the flow of the Gulf Stream in the Florida Straits.

The bottom water forms in a few specific locations around Antarctica, where seawater is cooled by the atmosphere and made saltier by ice formation. The dense water then sinks to the sea floor and spreads…

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Quote of the week – Death by Coochey coup

Watts Up With That?

The ANU “Climate scientists get death threats” story fabrication continues to unravel. Again, paging David Appell and Nick Stokes, your second helping of crow pie is served. And Mr. Appell, while you are eating that pie, maybe you’ll find the personal integrity to apologize for bringing my mother into your fantasy inflamed beyond all reason. (Update: apparently not) I’ll remind you of this writing on your blog:


Yes, except Mr. Appell’s viewpoint is the absurdity here, now even more so today.

The Telegraph’s Tim Blair reports that after a ruling last week that 10 of the 11 emails contained no death threats at all, and the 11 was a secondhand account of a dinner conversation on Kangaroo culling, verified as “not a death threat” by the person in the conversation, the story looks even sillier than before:

Retired Canberra public servant John Coochey attended a dinner two…

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So Much for Global Warming. More Like Countdown to Ice Age

German Banks & Investors Banned From Investing In Off Shore Wind Farms

Tory Aardvark

Germany is in a serious mess with its energy supplies, the German government was stupid enough to bow to the hysterical screams of the Green environmental lobby and shut down all its nuclear power stations.

The Greens rejoiced, prematurely as usual, that nasty bunny bothering reliable nuclear power was gone, Germany would be powered by the Green dream of solar and wind power, what could possibly go wrong?

All of it to be precise.

Just about all of the Green renewables dream has gone down the tubes, a glut of solar panels, cheaper competition from China and cuts in the life blood of renewables, Green taxation on energy bills have killed German solar, stone dead.

In the greed driven rush to grab the Green subsidies, the normally efficient and detail obsessed  Germans have built a massive wind farm off Heligoland without any means to connect the wind farm to…

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Elusive Global Warming, Still A No-show: They Keep Looking, Still Find Nothing

Tarpon's Swamp

You remember Al Gore’s warm blanket crap? How hotspots ove the equator and tropics were a signature of global warming?  The only problem is the non-existant hot spots were never found. Do you remember your science, and how science hypothesis and theory work? It still works that way, and any doom-kopf can put forth a hypothesis, and they still do.

The hotspots, they still remain missing, inspite of the fear mongers telling us normal people, they will find them RSN. Basically when this happens to your hypothesis, pe3ople say it’s doomed. Bit no knot if you are a global warmists. So lies and liars just keep on spreading their lies.

‘Connect the dots’ global warming is a propaganda campaign being conducted by Bill McKibben per James Hansen’s “climate science” – empirical measurements confirm Hansen’s predicted tropical hotspot has not happened, it’s a ‘coldspot’ instead. That would be a big oops in a normal same world.

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Overall HadCrut trends as of March month-end 2012

Digital Diatribes

Time for an update on the HadCrut data set.

I plan on submitting separate posts over the next few days taking a look at the different time horizons on the charts.

Today’s submission is just the overall total trend, and the current longest period length of time backwards from current that demonstrates a flat or cooling trend in the data.

The Data
As can be expected, the overall chart from inception does not change much over the course of a year, but it is presented for completeness. However, I’ll speak to a few of the numbers as they’ve transpired since my last series of posts last year.

From December 2010 through December 2011 we had 13 consecutive months where the anomaly was lower than the previous year. As such, the trend lines have predictably declined in magnitude over that period of time. The January anomaly of 21.7 was slightly above…

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Temperature Trends for the last 60 months – HadCrut

Digital Diatribes

While no conclusions regarding long-term trends can or should be suggested based on short-term trends, we can at the very least look at them to get insight on the current direction of temperature. It is a footnote of interest, but I’ll present it just the same.

The Data
Most pertinent points I wanted to make on the data were presented in the previous post, so please refer to that for the details.

What is presented here is the trend over the last 60 months, which had been an upward slope that was brought back down thanks to the cooler anomalies (on a year over year basis) of the last 16 months. For all practical and measurable purposes, it shows pure flatness over the five year period, meaning no significant indicated trend in the temperatures over that period one way or the other.

Chart below:

The next chart is simply a…

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