Policymakers have quietly given up trying to cut ¬carbon dioxide emissions

This is a reply to the this article:

I recently watched a video. The testimony of prominent scientists who had participated in the United States Senate subcommittee hearing; The Senators asked the scientists “what the Senate should do to deal with global warming”.

What was the response?

A bunch of academic debate and disorganized, then nothing else. The Scientists were around a table with divided opinions.

With full respect to these scientists, I’m sorry to say that policymakers of the session returned to the Senate with empty hands.

Now the question is; should the policymakers break all the economical social technological infrastructures without any strong scientific reasons?  The policymakers are waiting to receive a clear respond from the scientists for lawmaking.  Dr. Carter says the politicians have been silent for 18 months.

I read in an article that by the harvest of subterraneous water reservoirs, the amount of water vapor has increased in the atmosphere, and the sea level is rising as well. If this is true, then how can we ignore the effects of mining extensive resources of fossil fuels on the planet?

One of the scientists  at the meeting of the above testimony stated that the increase of CO2 is good, and even up to 1000 ppm carbon dioxide, and the more heat the better. It has happened in the past. And the plants are very happy. (What about the other species!)

The Senator said that; what should we as the humans do with the phenomenon of migration of species that can move to other suitable places due to climate change? We know some of the plants would disappear of the planet because the plants cannot walk away. The scientist remained unable to answer.

The Venus with 400 degrees Celsius conditions and atmospheric accumulation of carbon dioxide is a good guest house for us, if we don’t find the right answer to the policymakers.

Don’t miss the opportunities.


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  1. Bob Carter says a lot of things and most of it is garbage. The way he writes, one could be mistaken for thinking he accepts AGW but the devil is in the detail. He paints a picture that there is a choice beween mitigation and adaptation when in fact both of the options are being explored simultaneously. Adaptation has to occur regardless because we have already put in place the processes that will see a 2 degree (at least) increase in average global temperatures over th enext century. To suggest governments have given up on mitigation would appear to be true, but as always, the scientific community is developing new technologies to replpace our reliance on fossil fuels. Uptake natrually goes through a lag phase.

    Personally, i take anything that appears on WUWT with a grain of salt because I am yet to see a single unbiased report on the truth of climate change. They consistentyl employ the usual suite of denier methods to misrepresent the facts. To suggest that there has been no warming since 1958 is even more ridiculous than the “no warming since 1998” canard.

    Finally, since the oil, coal and pharmaceutical funded Heartland Institute is starting to struggle financially, I wonder where Carter will get his money from to produce his garbage, if they suffer the fate they deserve?

    1. Dr. Carter says:

      First, an inadequacy of the historical temperature measurements that are used to reconstruct the average global temperature statistic.

      And, second, fueled by lobbyists and media interests, an unfortunate tribal emotionalism that has arisen between groups of persons who are depicted as either climate “alarmists” or climate “deniers.”

      In reality, the great majority of working scientists fit into neither category. All competent scientists accept, first, that global climate has always changed, and always will; second, that human activities (not just carbon dioxide emissions) definitely affect local climate, and have the potential, summed, to measurably affect global climate; and, third, that carbon dioxide is a mild greenhouse gas.

      Is this garbage?
      Please watch this video.
      I always read WUWT. The reason is that, here in WUWT, we find the comments and views of the “deniers”. We are watching this scene in silence. WUWT is a conservative society but it helps us to reflect the comments of opposition. We can distinguish between good and bad. Do not forget that science alone is not enough.
      We’ll come together once again and after you watched the video.

    2. Yes WUWT sometimes looks to be far right.

  2. In reference to the MSU time series, Dr. Carter astutely points out that”…being but 32 years in length it represents just one climate data point.” More precisely, the count of observed climatological events of the canonical 30 years’ duraton is either zero or one.. In either case, this count is far too low for the generality to be reached from this time series that the Earth has warmed.

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