New research from last week 21/2012

Skeptical Science
Posted on: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 4:20 PM

This week we have few paleoclimate studies. There’s atmospheric carbon dioxide record from Antarctic ice core, faint young sun problem review, the paper on storegga tsunami and 8.2 ka cold event, and one on the role of methane release in end-Triassic mass extinction. Also archaeology can contribute to modern climate science, but I wonder if climate archaeologists 5000 years from now will have a remarkable event to study?

Another thing I wonder is that will the water stay in Caspian Sea or will it just splash to surrounding land areas one day? And will the cattle in Brazil ever stop their GHG emissions (if that’s the correct expression for it)? Did they run out of possible causes for 2010 heat wave as they now have started to look if winter Arctic Oscillation caused summer Arctic Oscillation?

The pets are handling this climate situation quite well, as they are multiplying better then ever. Sorry, did I say pets? I meant pests, of course. Pine beetles are also thriving, at least as long as there are pines left. Tropical cyclones grow intense faster than they did before. Russian glaciers are losing ice and Finnish lake freezes later. But Antarctic ozone is rebounding, so we can soon stop putting sun tan lotion on penguins.


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