Just a gentle reminder; CO2 is good rather bad.

Water vapor and clouds must amplify the direct effects of CO2. In fact observations suggest that water vapor and clouds actually diminish the already small global warming expected from CO2 and not amplify it. The evidence comes from satellite measurements of infrared radiation escaping from the Earth and outer space from measurements of the sunlight reflected from clouds and measurements of the temperatures of the Earth’s surface.

Dr.William Happer University of Princeton EPW Testimony

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  1. uknowispeaksense | Reply

    William Happer? Seriously? This clown is the chairman of the board at the George C Marshall Institute. He heads up some mob in the UK whose platform is to NOT mitigate global warming. Best remind yourselve exactly what the George C Marshall Institute is. It receives nearly all its funding from the profits of oil and gas companies. It’s list of board members and roundtable speakers is a veritable list of who’s who in the far right wing oil-funded denier crowd.
    If this clown says CO2 is good, you can be damn sure it isn’t.

    1. 1. I know this gentleman very well. Once I recommended to watch this video and you didn’t. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SqX53KRY4A&list=PL9BE758490CCD3DBF&feature=view_all
      2.The contribution of carbon dioxide to the warming is expected because of the “greenhouse” effect and THE MAIN QUESTION IS HOW LARGE IT IS.
      3.Firstly, the impact of atmospheric carbon dioxide on temperature is not ruled out, and secondly, this effect at this stage is negligible.
      4. As fertilizer, CO2 is good. Ask your nearest flower and fruit growers.
      5. http://t.co/iONwRXxU and https://twitter.com/bigtix/status/223471880705814528

      1. uknowispeaksense | Reply

        “CO2 is plantfood” is one of the most simplistic arguments put forward by people who really don’t understand plant physiology or nutrition. I am sure you can quote dozens of greenhouse studies where variables are tightly controlled that show plants growing well under increased CO2, but of course as anyone with even a modicum of scientific training understands, one cannot extrapolate glasshouse studies to the real world. Tell me, do you think my local fruit or flower growers understand what the real limiting factors are to plant growth under increased CO2? How about nirification, altered rainfall patterns, increased temperature, increased pest and diseases, especially fungal pathogens? Do they understand the effect on natural systems where they can’t just pump more water or fertiliser? Have they read the scientific literature from FACE studies where they are showing increased biomass but decreased yields over time in cereal crops? How about decreased fertility of some like Soya? Do you think my local flower farmer really understands that? Do you understand that? The fact you think I should seek advice from non-experts tells me you probably don’t.
        As for your video, I recall I started watching it but had to stop when my forehead got sore. No, I think I will watch videos with real experts.

    2. In terms of:
      1. CO2 is good for the plants, agree, this of course doesn’t mean anything.
      2. W. Happer, yes he is far right by your definition.
      3. Every local farmer knows everything about “how to make money” and what is good for the plants. CO2 is not pollutant but it is greenhouse gas.
      4. CO2 and its effects, THE MAIN QUESTION IS HOW LARGE IT IS.
      5. That CO2 affects climate is really not in doubt.
      6. To debate the notion that CO2 as a gas traps outgoing infrared radiation, hence leading to a greenhouse effect, is a refutation of basic physics.
      7. The notion of a CO2 influence on earth’s climate, continually tested and proven through nearly a century of primary research.
      8. There are several papers on CO2 being harmful to the marine biosphere the largest source of biomass on the planet via ocean acidification. The potential inhibition of calcifying organisms can in no way, form is characterized as “beneficial to the biosphere”.
      9. Personally, I am incredibly not worried about CO2 in the atmosphere imminently leading to an Armageddon Scenario. But that does not mean we should not research the issue at hand, the better to understand any future potential complications at play.
      Carbon dioxide is produced under certain conditions.
      In practice, sources of carbon dioxide, including that resulting from natural or human factors, they do not produce pure carbon dioxide, for example, forest fires, volcanic activities and incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, etc.
      CO2 mainly is associated with soot and aerosols.
      However, the formation of soot or Black Carbon (BC) seems to be influential in climate change.
      Black Carbon gives a short-term, but powerful boost to heating the planet. It is a “short-term” Climate Forcer, acting for a few days in the atmosphere and a few months on snow and ice.
      So, reductions in BC have immediate, but not long-term effects on global warming. Each CO2 molecule continues to block heat loss from the Earth for YEARS (http://c3headlines.typepad.com/.a/6a010536b58035970c0120a5e507c9970c-pi) that it stays in the atmosphere. That is why sometimes CO2 is known as the Biggest Control Knob for the climate.
      Finally, about the greenhouse effect and increase in atmospheric temperature per 20 ppm increment in CO2 you may find something useful here:
      As for the video, there you’ll find the EXPERTS and William Happer.

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