C3: Global Warming Science Facts: Study Confirms 50% of Warming Is Fake – IPCC Failed To Account For

Most scientists now recognize that climate science is rife with fraud, and that it was highly likely fake temperature datasets were being used for political purposes – now new research confirms that reported IPCC global warming science “facts” are fictions

(click on image to enlarge and animate)

US climate scientists fabricate global warmingRead here. The IPCC reports global warming to have increased from +0.7°C to +0.8°C over the past century. But a new peer reviewed study determines that real global warming was closer to +0.4°C, with the remaining IPCC amount claimed to be a result of man-made adjustments.

Essentially, about 50% of “global warming” has been faked by climate “scientists.”

To see how this works, the adjacent gif animation was put together by Steve Goddard of Real Science. In his example, he documents how “scientific” adjustments have been made to the U.S. temperature dataset. The original (‘raw’) dataset indicates a cooling trend for the U.S. over the last century, but by the time the “scientists” are done with the data, the original cooling has been magically converted into a warming trend. (click on image to animate)

This same technique has been used by agenda-driven scientists across the world in order to produce faux-warming in order to influence policymakers and the public. Fake global warming is the currency of the IPCC realm.

Based on a systematic study of scientific literature, we classify and evaluate the observed inhomogeneities in historical and modern time series, as well as their adjustment methods. It turns out that these methods are mainly statistical, not well justified by experiments and are rarely supported by metadata. In many of the cases studied the proposed corrections are not even statistically significant…we calculated the differences between the adjusted and non-adjusted linear 100-year trends. It was found that in the two thirds of the cases, the homogenization procedure increased the positive or decreased the negative temperature trends…the use of homogenization procedures and tend to indicate that the global temperature increase during the last century is smaller than 0.7-0.8°C.” [E. Steirou, D. Koutsoyiannis 2012: Geophysical Research Abstracts]

Conclusions: This study indicates that the majority of climate researchers involved with the major land and ocean temperature datasets are not to be believed. The global warming science facts are that reported “global warming” is fake and the IPCC promulgates this misinformation without any due diligence or fact checking.

Previous fabricating-fake and peer-reveiwed postings. Fabricating-fake, modern, regional and historical temperature charts.

July 17, 2012 at 05:45 AM

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