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How much electricity do solar and wind make on a global scale? Answer: ‘Not much’ — EIA says 80% of our electricity comes from the fossil fuels & nuclear

How much electricity do solar and wind make on a global scale? Answer: ‘Not much’ — EIA says 80% of our electricity comes from the fossil fuels & nuclear

The Heat Is On, And It’s Time To Prepare

By Evan Girvetz and Frank Lowenstein Whether you look globally or locally, the last several months featured heat, heat and more heat. And by looking at weather station records over the past 60 years, researchers led by renowned NASA scientist Jim Hansen show this is part of a new trend toward much warmer summers. Extremely […]/p


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Not True.

Watts Up With That?

At The Register, Andrew Orlowski attended the talk and has a news article describing Steve McIntyre’s talk at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, which was an event hosted by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

McIntyre’s statement on wind power is interesting:

The entire rationale of policy in US and Europe has been to ignore what’s happening in China and India and hope that petty acts of virtuous behaviour in both countries will cure the problem,” he said. “Even if you install windmills you’re not going to change the trend of overall CO2 emissions.”

Actually, it is worse than that. As Bishop Hill reports, it turns out that windmills in the UK at net positive for CO2 emissions. He writes:

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Watts Up With That?

Elmer, of Minnesotans for Global Warming famous “Hide the Decline” fame, has a keen eye for comic opportunity, much like our esteemed cartoonist, Josh. He’s produced a new video today. Normally I don’t allow videos of this type, what with the “d-word” and all, but when its about you, I think I can grant myself a pass. Have a look.

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A Scientist is Skeptic. This is not unusual. They follow their beliefs. Sometimes they live at skeptical camp, and when other they stay at denier camp. Interestingly, The Deniers tend to the name Skeptic. The Deniers call their opposite side as Alarmist. But the Alarmists claim they are real Skeptics. Both are skeptical. They are scientist.

Muller made his statement clearly and specifically about global warming. WUWT should not be nervous. However, Muller believes that the rate of global warming is now insignificant but  it is true. Muller is no longer a Denier.
Not long ago, James Lovelock said that Gaia hypothesis has no scientific validity. The Deniers took it as a sign of victory.


Watts Up With That?

I just watched this video interview on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show (h/t to Poptech)

Despite the tacky caption, it was what Dr. Muller didn’t talk about that was, ahem, the best part.

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Glenn Pisani

“…Natural gas futures in New York have surged 69 percent since hitting a 10-year low this spring. Power plants are burning more natural gas for electricity as homes and businesses crank up the air conditioning. And natural gas companies are finally cutting back after a production boom that pushed supplies this winter to the highest level on record…”

This trend may be here to stay as long as demand continues to increase. Current demand is increasing due to hot weather and higher use for electricity production. However, in the future we will see additional demand as more people use natural gas fueled cars, companies put more natural gas vehicles in their fleets and electricity generation continues to increase it’s use of natural gas. Furthermore, when and if the US starts to export LNG, prices could also increase on the open market due.

As always, Great Eastern Energy will…

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Watts Up With That?

PRESS RELEASE  August 2, 2012


Matt Dempsey

Katie Brown

Inhofe Exposes Another Epic Fail by Global Warming Alarmists


 Photo Posted by KFOR and Think Progress


Click Here for Larger Photo 

The dumpster fire that caused the melting lights

Photo Provided by KFOR

Link to Think Progress Blog Post

Link to Watts Up With That: Alarmist fact checking – street lights don’t melt at 115°F

Link to Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today the far-left blog Think Progress posted a photo (originally posted on KFOR’s facebook page) of street lights in Oklahoma that had melted, they claimed, because of extreme heat.  Global warming alarmist Bill McKibben took to Twitter immediately to publicize what he believed to be proof of global warming, tweeting to Senator James Inhofe (Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, “Senator Inhofe, God may be trying to…

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Watts Up With That?

I noted with a chuckle today, this statement over at the California Academy of Sciences “Climate Change Blog”:

I think that we all need to be careful of not falling into the unqualified and inexpert morass characterized by vessels like Anthony Watts.  – Peter D. Roopnarine

Seeing that compliment, and since we are having so much fun this week reviewing papers online and watching street lamps melt due to posited global warming, this seemed like a good time to bring this up. I’ve been sitting on this little gem for a year now, and it is finally time to point it out since nobody seems to have caught it.

I expected that after the peer review BEST been though (and failed), that this would have been fixed. Nope. I thought after the media blitzes it would have been fixed. Nope. I thought that after they submitted it to The…

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Watts Up With That?

From Washington University in St. Louis, and in honor of melted globe week, here’s one more thing for weepy Bill McKibben to worry about.

In science fiction novels, evil overlords and hostile aliens often threaten to vaporize the Earth. At the beginning of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the officiously bureaucratic aliens called Vogons, authors of the third-worst poetry in the universe, actually follow through on the threat, destroying the Earth to make way for a hyperspatial express route.

“We scientists are not content just to talk about vaporizing the Earth,” says Bruce Fegley, professor of earth and planetary sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, tongue firmly in cheek. “We want to understand exactly what it would be like if it happened.”

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Excellent job. Please visit here:

Watts Up With That?

NOTE: This op-ed was rejected by the New York Times. It was submitted as a response by The president of The Heartland Institute in reply to Fred Krupp’s Wall Street Journal essay. I reproduce it here in hopes of it reaching a wide audience. Feel free to reproduce it elsewhere. – Anthony

by Joe Bast

Dear Fred,

I read your August 7 opinion piece in TheWall Street Journal,“A New Climate-Change Consensus,” with great interest. As you know, The Heartland Institute is a leading voice in the international debate over climate change. The Economist recently called us “the world’s most prominent think-tank promoting skepticism about man-made climate change.”

First, I welcome you to the effort to bring skeptics and alarmists together. We need your help. We have been trying to do this for many years.

For example, we ran more than $1 million in ads calling on Al…

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