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Laurene Powell Jobs to be appointed on Stanford University’s Board Of Trustees

observation without benchmark – building hypothesis

Intervening with the [Carbon] Addict

Father Theo's Blog

The Addicts.

We’ve brought them together for an intervention—the boozer, the junkie, the carbon couple—to see if we can save them before it’s too late.  All their problems are the same.  All will lead to inevitable and disastrous results.  Despite their differing choice of poisons, and their wildly varying lifestyles, their responses to protecting their addictions even sound alike.

Boozer Bill says, “One more and that’s all.”

Junkie Jill says, “I’ll quit after tonight.”

The Carbon Couple says, “We’ll worry about climate change tomorrow, but tonight we having friends over to envy our new flat screen, which covers the whole west wall.”

* It’s time to worry, the doctors have told us, because Bill and Jill and the Carboniferous Duo have all almost reached the end of their run.  The date is not marked on any calendar, but everybody knows it’ll be sooner than later

In front of Boozer…

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Global Warming – Franciscans – McLaren – Another Agenda?

How trees and technology could halve EU emissions from power stations by 2050


The EU could halve its emissions from its power plants by 2050 through the combined use of carbon capturing technologies and burning more biomass, a report has found.

The study by the European Biofuels Technology Platform says that carbon negative power is possible if power stations mix more energy crops with fossil fuels to fire their plants.

Carbon negative electricity production is a realistic possibility if power plants burning biomass are also fitted with CO2 capturing technology.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) involves collecting the CO2 emissions from a power plant and storing it inside rock formation.

To continue reading please click on the diagram.

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Hieno visualisaatio ilmakehän CO2 konsentraatiosta


Tässä dataa visualisoidaan hienosti! (Ilman Inception-elokuvan musiikkia samaa voi katsoa ESRL:n sivulla.)

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The Climate Escalator

Father Theo's Blog

From Skeptical Science, licensed under creative commons attribution.  

This graphic illustrates the way some climate deniers would have you look at the evidence about climate.

Their technique:  choose a period of time within which there is a decline or leveling off of apparent warming–since climate graphs are always jagged lines these periods of time are easy to find in a complex record–then declare that warming has stopped.  The blue lines above represent such periods, the latest one beginning in 1998. (Perhaps you’ve encountered that one.)

The purpose of such arguments is to distract people from the continuing long-term warming trend, which, as the red line makes apparent, has continued all along, unabated.

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observation without benchmark – source data

Moving Toward the Fire Age: Significant Global Temperature Impacts and Predictions for the 21rst Century


Since 1880, temperatures have risen worldwide by about .8 degrees Celsius. As we can see with current weather changes and sea ice melt, even what would seem a ‘small’ rise in average temperature has had dramatic effects. Here is a graph of the temperature rise since 1880:


In context, the last ten years have been the hottest decade on record. Last year was the 9th hottest year on record and the hottest La Nina year on record. July, last month, was the fourth hottest July on record globally, and the hottest month on record ever for the United States.

Climate change deniers have often misused the argument that the current rise in temperature has been small. That the rise is somehow insignificant and unimportant. And they have pointed to pauses in that rise in an attempt to claim that CO2 is not having an impact. These false assertions only serve…

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The Reality of Climate Change

Collapse of Industrial Civilization

The following is recent information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (click on graphs to enlarge):

Year-to-Date Temperature Evolution

“This time series shows the 2012 year-to-date temperature through July, which was the warmest first seven months of any year on record for the lower 48. The year-to-date evolution of the contiguous U.S. temperatures for each year back to 1895 are also shown, with the five warmest and five coolest years highlighted.The January-July 2012 contiguous U.S. average temperature was 56.4°F, 4.3°F above average. The data for 2012 are preliminary.”

“This time series also shows the 2012 year-to-date temperature through July. Outcome scenarios based on persistence of temperature from August through December, the remaining five months of 2012, are shown. The January-July 2012 contiguous U.S. average temperature was 56.4°F, 4.3°F above average. The data for 2012 are preliminary.” And the following is a map of extreme global weather

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Al Gore opens His Mouth, Blames Global Warming For Everything

Why The Earth Is Cooling – CO2 Warming Only A Tenth Of What Models Show!

Quixotes Last Stand

From Ice Age NOW —  Climatologists must know that water vapor nearly wipes out CO2 in warming the Earth, and that clouds and albedo do the rest. What’s their excuse for this massive “oversight”?

Ed Caryl — August 29, 2012

(Excerpts) – The Climate Team has always claimed that a doubling of CO2 would add 3.7 Watts/m2 to the global climate budget and fry us all. This fate is their religion’s version of Hell, except we will all suffer rather than just the “sinners,” thus giving them leverage to force us to do their will.

Though bloggers have pointed out many locations that are cooling rather than warming, the warmists would have us believe that these cooling stations are just due to local phenomenon, such as albedo change, land use, site moves, or other changes, and that the warming stations are not due to UHI.

Last year, Willis Eschenbach 

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“Chasing Ice”

Jeff's Jottings

What difference do glaciers make? Well, some of them simply store water up out of the ocean (think Greenland) and keep the sea level where it’s been for the past 12,000 years or so – ya know, since the beginning of civilization.

Other glaciers, high up in the mountains, are the year-round sources of water for the world’s major rivers (think Nile, Amazon, Yangtze, Tigris, Euphrates – the rivers that nurtured civilization). Without these glaciers, growing some in the winter and melting some in the summer, these rivers will not flow year-round.

The importance of glaciers is one reason I want to see this movie. Another is that the photography looks stunning.  It opens in November.

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Striking the Arctic Match: “Ice Melt Like Adding 20 Years of CO2 Emissions.”


According to reports from BBC, Climate Progress, and The Arctic Ice Blog, sea ice scientist Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University recently made a pivotal announcement on the state of Arctic sea ice. In an interview to the BBC, Wadhams noted that Arctic sea ice was ‘headed for oblivion’ within ten years and that the added heat absorbed by the darker Arctic Ocean was like adding ’20 years of CO2′ emissions.

Wadhams has been studying sea ice for decades. His research has provided pivotal insight to the Arctic environment. Back in 1996, Wadhams compiled observations from vessels, including navy submarines, operating in the Arctic to determine that sea ice volume had fallen by 40% by 1996. Today, sea ice volume has fallen 78% percent from volume observations in 1979.

Wadhams said the following to BBC:

“Thirty years ago there was typically about eight million square kilometres of…

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